Small Business: Benefits of African American Chambers of Commerce

The African American Chambers of Commerce are the voice of Black-Owned businesses.

Benefits of African American Chambers of Commerce

Get to Know your Local Chamber

The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey is the voice of Black-Owned businesses in the state of New Jersey. I may be biased in our assessment, but I believe it is the best African American Chamber of Commerce in the country.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business, or large business, there is something for you in this organization. They offer services like access to capital, advocacy, and entrepreneur training.

Given Universal Equations, Inc is a satisfied member of the Chamber in New Jersey, we can definitely speak on their value. If there is a regret it is we didn’t join sooner. If you are an African American entrepreneur or business owner in New Jersey, I would definitely consider joining. At the same time, if your local chamber provides anything close to the level of service that is provided by our chamber here in New Jersey, I would consider the same.

The first step in deciding whether it is a fit for you is to follow them on social media and subscribe to their newsletter. If you are doing these things, you should be receiving news of their upcoming events. Maybe there is a quarterly meeting or networking event coming up. If you see an event that fits your schedule and your interest, be sure to circle it on your calendar and show up with a smile and some business cards. Hopefully, you’ll receive some great information and meet some people you can see yourself teaming up with on future endeavors.

You’ll want your Chamber President to be accessible and responsive. Fortunately, our Chamber President, John Harmon makes himself available to answer members’ questions at least once a month.

Organizations like these are instrumental in increasing the level of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the business community. This is an essential component for the United States economy to compete globally. Needless to say, African American Commerce is a pillar of American commerce.

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