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The New York City metropolitan area is a hotspot for mobile app development talent in the United States, and we consider ourselves amongst that group.

Our Flutter and React Native Mobile App Development Agency

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As more people access the internet via a mobile device, a well-designed mobile app can improve visibility and much more. The New York City metropolitan area is a hotspot for mobile app development talent in the United States, and we consider ourselves amongst that group. We can give your digital product design ideas a creative touch with high-quality UI/UX design services, powered with immersive user experience strategy. Once we come up with the architecture and UI/UX design, our mobile app development services will bring your vision to life.

React Native Mobile App Development

Mobile application development has become crucial as the number of mobile phone users has grown.

One of the first thing mobile app development companies learn when trying to incorporate agile principles into their development process is not all agile principles will fit. The challenge is devising a development process that works for the mobile app development team and for the customer.

React Native is a JavaScript framework for building natively rendered Android and iOS apps. Based on React JS, it is makes it easier for experienced web developers to develop mobile apps for Android or iOS. Like React JS, a benefit of React Native is it allows for a high degree of customization when it comes to building user interfaces.

React Native also allows developers to write native code with Kotlin/Java for Android and Swift/Objective C for iOS. This is usually only needed in rare instances, however. The big takeaway is React Native allows developers to leverage a single codebase to create applications compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Getting Started with React Native

React Native project creation is as simple as using the following command:

$ npx react-native init myReactNativeProject 

The next step would be to make sure an Android emulator is installed, or device is connected. Having a properly installed Android Studio should be enough to satisfy this requirement. If the emulator or connected device requirement is met, you should be able to run the app.

You would do that by cd’ing into the directory where the project is installed and run the following command.

$ npx react-native run-android 

Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter is an open-source SDK for developing high-performance mobile apps for both the Android and iOS operating systems. Flutter uses the Dart programming language to create components.

Between React Native and Flutter, Flutter is the newer of the two to make a splash in the world of mobile app development. It is natural to make comparisons between React Native and Flutter. One thing a React Native developer will more than likely notice is that React Native is more natural for software developers who used to build web applications, while Flutter developer may notice Flutter is more natural for Software developers who use to build desktop applications.

Also, the Skia 2d graphics engine is used to bring the code to life. Skia is used to render the application’s user interface at the lowest level.

Built by Google, Firebase can be used as a NoSQL database to allow real-time syncing across Android, iOS, and Web devices. Given Flutter and Firebase were both built by Google, it is not much of a stretch to guess it is not much work integrating one with the other. In the root directory of a Flutter app, there is a pubspec.yaml file where this integration can be configured.

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