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The Big Data Solutions we Offer

Big Data has to do with the variety, velocity, and volume of data. It is larger more complex data sets that traditional data processing software can’t manage.

In terms of variety, we’re talking about structured and unstructured data types. An example of structured data would be the data that would traditionally be stored in a relational database. Unstructured types of data include things such as text, audio, and video. In terms of velocity, we can speed up processing to real-time or near real-time by writing data streams to memory instead of to disk.

Some of the key problems our solutions are able to solve are to help you integrate, manage, and analyze your data. Managing data includes data storage. The data storage strategy depends on the amount of data and how frequently it’s used. And, fortunately, with recent breakthroughs, we are able to store large amounts of data in a much more cost-effective way.

The use cases we generally look at are anywhere from customer experience to analytics. With customer experience, we are able to do things like gathering data from social media to improve the interaction experience and value delivered to customers. And I should mention our capabilities have emerged along with that of machine learning.

The Big Data analytical solutions we provide are both human-based and machine-based. For example, our analysts and data scientists will work closely with the business to understand key business knowledge gaps and requirements. We provide our customers these services through open source-based solutions or our strategic partners Oracle and IBM. Whatever fits your needs best.